Winner Winner

chicken dinner

After several weekends of too many errands, too much sickness, too many obligations, too much work, this past weekend was nearly perfect.

First, although the Mister was out of town for a karate event, Things 2 and 3 and I packed up the mini for a trip to Allentown, PA to visit Thing 1 for his college’s Family Weekend. It was great to see him, meet some friends, enjoy a football game, take in two leisurely meals without…wait for it…any sibling squabbling! I think they actually have missed each other!

IMG_2935 IMG_2936

We took some selfies at the game (which his team obligingly won). Thing 3 was not enjoying the mid-day heat.

Sunday I was hellbent on testing my knee.  It had been 11 days since my last run, and I promised myself I’d turn around if there was any pain whatsoever.  And there wasn’t! Well, actually, that’s a lie. There was (because I’m an old lady and parts of me creak), but not in my knee!  Better yet, after the run I was not hobbled or limping, so I’m chalking that experiment up as a success and will proceed cautiously forward!

I’m so glad to have gotten out because looky at what I saw:


Autumn in all its glory!  This year the colors have just been amazing.

To celebrate my return to running (and the additional calories it allows), I made a batch of my fail proof molasses cookies, intending to pack along some to Thing 1, however, they’re almost all gone, so he’ll have to wait.

You know it’s a good weekend when all that karma spills over into your Monday morning.  I got into work today with a pile of boxes awaiting my return.  Just look at what the first box held:


Seven lucky seafarers are going to get just about the most beautiful handknit socks I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and on tonight’s menu: homemade applesauce, roasted veggies, and you guessed it: chicken!



  1. Did one person actually knit those perfect socks? Amazing! Sock knitting has got to be the ultimate knitting challenge.
    Applesauce with chicken? Never tried that combination. Will do, as I’ve tons of apples this year.
    Congrats on getting over the injury and on all that colour you’re enjoying this year.
    Lovely selfies!

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