I totally get why Nero broke out his violin.

Life, in particular Thing 2’s, has gotten even messier. I hate being cryptic, but it’s also something that’s tough to write about when I haven’t fully processed it yet in my own head.

Sewing, knitting, running–those are my fiddles of choice.

First up–knitting. Last Friday the Mister announced a friend he’s seeing on his upcoming trip to Japan just had a baby. Can you make “it” something? (Yes, the Mister forgot to ask the sex, and the father didn’t offer.) After ascertaining that the new baby was in fact a girl, I cast on for this:



Oh, I’ve forgotten how nice it is to knit for babies. They. are. so. tiny! And you can finish a sweater in just a few days. Hopefully the Mister will remember to take a pic of the new baby wearing her sweater when he’s visiting.

And sewing: I’ve got it in my mind to make some new placements for our Thanksgiving table. I’ve got the fabric, but of course I’m not going to actually start the project until the night before. Because that’s the way I roll.


I’ve also got it in my head to make this:
Francoise sewing pattern.

using this:

Of course I’m scared to cut the fabric because of matching up the stripes on the raglan sleeve. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

And running: I’m really sticking to the “every-other-day” run. The knee is holding up, the hip sometimes aches and sometimes doesn’t, but I just don’t want to push anything. We’ve got our annual Ashenfelter 8K on Thanksgiving, and I want to give that one a good effort.

Sunday I set out for a 8-9 mile long run. It was such a quintessential fall day–crisp, overcast, and the fallen leaves just made for a beautiful trail, even on the road.

This was probably one of my better runs since the onset of September. No pressure, no goal. I wanted to do 9, but would have been happy with anything between over 8. I run with music, but this particular run fell in the middle of a new Thing 2 development, so although I had the earbuds in, I don’t remember a single song. I do remember though the calming effect of measured breathing and methodical footsteps. And feeling some sense of relief as I found some answers (or at least the path to some answers) to some questions I’d been struggling with.

Yeah, I totally get Nero’s inclination for music. But I wonder what would have happened had he decided to go for run instead.


  1. Love the baby sweater, the only time I have ever knitted something it was for a baby, a very small one!
    Hoping the running helps you process, what ever life is sending your way, also hoping you have none of that snow I see is causing havoc in your country, of course would have more of an idea on this if A) I could remember where you lived or b) had an idea on USA geography.


  2. Oh, I just love dinky baby knits. Almost tempts me to want to be a grandmother! I am with the previous noter too in wondering about the snow storms that have hit the east coast and hoping they have not affected you yet. Waaayyy to early to be shut indoors by snow! Brrrrr!

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