and even more obvious…

Why do all these things surprise me so much? I should know this by now:

1. sewing is so much faster than knitting

I whipped up these three cowls as gifts while my turkey was cooking yesterday. The two with the fleece-y insides are for a coworker and his partner who just married. I know, not a typical wedding gift, but I’m not sure of the decor in their home, and I figured everyone needs a warm neck.  The purple-y one is a voile paired with an organic linen, more of an indoor use cowl, for yet another coworker.  (And yes, Thing 2 did me a Thanksgiving solid, modeling at my bequest without even complaining. Young necks, and faces, are so much more photogenic).

2. Picking out phone cases can be stressful.


I went with this one, but dithered for nearly two weeks–does it say “crazy cat lady” or “oh, clever design?” (btw, I’m going for ‘clever design’). I don’t know why/how I was so paralyzed by indecision. At one point I have nearly 70 designs in my shopping cart. #tryingtoohard

3. How is this race not yet sold out?



Who doesn’t want to run for what are arguably (but not really) the best. donuts. ever?


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