Don’t you hate…

when a great blog title and post fodder comes to you whilst asleep, and you actually wake up to tell yourself to remember it, but then you can’t the next morning? That happened two nights ago, and I’ve been postponing posting hoping that my idea would reappear magically, like the Roku remote did after a week’s sojourn.

But it hasn’t, so…here’s randomly some stuff that’s been going on that’s not at all tied together with a theme or clever title:

I’m on day 2 of a 30 day yoga challenge. It is not going well.  I’ve discovered that I’m not “bendy”  (stealing a fellow runner’s clearly scientific terminology). Nor do I breathe well. And I’m not a fan of spending so much time on the floor.  All of this has convinced me I must proceed. Because (wait for it)…it will be good for me.

I decided to start this yoga challenge to improve my running over winter. The Mister and I ran our town’s annual Thanksgiving 8k, and I wasn’t so thrilled with my time.  It was 2 seconds off my PB (pb: 45:45, this time: 45:47), but it’s only the 2nd time I’ve run this race, so I was hoping to see some improvement.  I think I could have pushed a bit harder, but I didn’t.  That being said, it was a good day for a race: chilly, with snow flurries, and it’s nice to head off to a race 8 minutes before the start (we live that close).


Why do animals hate their Elizabethan collars so much? Luna went off the Tuesday before Thanksgiving with the Neuter Scooter (a service provided by the far-away yet reasonably priced non-profit vet that picks up and drops off your pets for neutering and spaying), and would not have anything to do with his collar.


We were hoping the neutering might calm him down a bit. It did. For a New York Minute, and then I made the mistake of putting the collar on him and watching him throw himself around the house headfirst until it came off.  You can’t really see from the picture, but not only did he shake himself loose, but he chose to continue to bite the thing into uselessness.

Sunday I was determined to get through a sewing project that’s been marinating for over half a year.  A vintage pattern WITH. ONLY. ONE. SEAM. Easy peasy lemon squeezy–only one seam–that should take all of, hmmm, maybe 30 minutes to sew?


It took nearly 7 hours. It was one hell of a seam. It wasn’t the seam that did me in, it was the perplexing pockets.

I wanted a shorter skirt, and I had this sorta snake-skin looking metallic fabric.  But the pattern envelope cautioned: not suitable for stripes or plaids.  Of course, that’s all I have. So I plowed ahead, throwing caution to the wind. Maybe the trouble I had with the pockets was karma biting me in the…pockets.  Again the insides are a mess, and I had to considerably shorten this (I think I took 10″ off the length). But, it fit perfectly in the waist and hips, so I’ll figure that pocket thing out and re-do in a non-stripe or plaid fabric.

I participated in a really fun blogger driven wine exchange–and got some yummy port and champagne on my doorstep Thanksgiving weekend.


This will be wonderful over the holidays.  I know nothing about wine, and when I went to get my bottles to send off to OKLAHOMA (!), I was completely flummoxed–especially since everything was promised to “go great with turkey.”  That wasn’t very helpful marketing.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some advice: having two can openers is a good idea. Especially when one breaks. Otherwise you’re left trying to pull a McGyver as dinner stew is clamoring for its plum tomatoes.


November ended in a flurry. Can’t wait to see what this month holds.


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