It’s a sign

sign 1: you’re not in Kansas any more…


Nope, I’m on my yearly trek to Paducah. In fact, I’ve just returned. I’ll be frank–I love Paducah. I love saying it. I love visiting there. I love that some people know it’s in Kentucky, and others ask if it’s a foreign country. And I love that this was the first time (out of 3 visits) that I’ve been able to run outside. It was a bit tricky. Paducah is on central time, so the sun rises slightly later than it does in NJ, but I was bound and determined and armed with a map.  Day 1 run: outside at 6am. Route is 3.8 miles. Temps: high 30s (F). Route: near my hotel, and dark.  The dark sorta creeped me out a bit, so Day 2 run I set out at 6:30ish. Same route. Same temps. And you know what?



Two words: road kill.  That there are no pics? You’re welcome.

And two more words: creepy cemetery.

On Day 2’s run, I got to see everything that was invisible in the dark, like the 9 pet and wildlife carcasses that I somehow didn’t step on on Day 1. And the cemetery sign that was most likely used in some horror flick.

IMG_3180 IMG_3181

If this had been a movie, the stupid teenagers would have ventured forth.  I, being a smart adult, ran a sub-8 mile in the opposite direction.

That sub-8 led to an achey knee and hip.  And this:


I think I qualify.


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