Janathon Eve

The fifth annual Janathon starts tomorrow, and I’m more than ready. Ready to kick 2014 out on its arse and usher in something new. Ready to tackle some new projects and revive some that have floundered. Ready to set some goals.

Last year my running goals were a sub 2:00 half and to remain uninjured. I got to 2:03, and only missed about 10-12 days of scheduled running. So I didn’t knock these puppies out of the park, but I certainly came close.

This year I’m going more for experiences than time. If I get to 1:59:59, that’d be great. If not, well, I’m not going to beat myself up for it.  And although I have long been vocal about never training for anything longer than a half, I’ve got a big milestone birthday coming up in 2016, and I’m tossing around the idea of trying for the NYC Marathon through their 9+1 program, which would mean a lot of smaller races this year. I’m still not sure I want to take this on, but it’s a niggle in my mind.

Totally not running related, but this year I’m also going to tackle…wait for it…buttonholes. I’ve had enough of zippers. I want to sew some shirts and shirt dresses and even coats or jackets, so buttonholes are a necessity. Time to get over the fear of the buttonhole.

In order to get to buttonholes, I want to set up my sewing machine permanently, which means jostling some of the bedrooms and making my own space in the tiniest one (currently occupied by Thing 3). She’s not taking kindly to being ousted, even though a larger bedroom is waiting.  Setting up my machine permanently also means making a sewing table. I’ve got the components, I just need to quit procrastinating and make the damn thing.

2014 ended on a sour note. This last quarter was a bear, and sadly, really wiped out some of the better and much more fun memories of the first three quarters. I’m not sure what 2015 will bring (is anyone?), and I approach it with trepidation. I’m hoping I can fall back on my old faves (running, knitting, sewing, reading) and muddle my way back. Usually, I’m all about the grand and aggressive resolutions and goals. But this go-round, I’m aiming for simplicity and forward progress.

Buttonholes.  That will be progress.


  1. Oh, I can identify with bear quarters! Not sure at all about signing up for Janathon. Yet, I’ve decided to do exercise in one form or another every day. So…

    Setting up that machine permanently sounds like a great idea. Must be a right pain to haul it out every time, especially when you do so much sewing.

    Here’s to 2015 being bear free!!!

  2. Reading blogs in the wrong order – so now I know what Janathon is , and I can relate to your goals. I am very confident your buttonhole challenge will be a breeze, as your craft projects always look pretty good and stylish to me ( veteran of many unfinished knits and half sewn items ) .
    Nice to have smaller goals within the whole start of year – New Year/ new me vibe. Simplicity sounds good .
    Have fun

    • My blog feed is always in the reverse order, too. Thanks for the compliments re: my projects. I’d really like to get neater and more consistent. Simple goals are always satisfying (when met!)!

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