Busy does not equal active

But it can be gratifying.

I’ve learned that today, courtesy of my newest gadget, the Garmin Vivofit. This was my Christmas gift (yes, I actually asked for this) from the Mister. It’s an activity tracker that counts steps against a pre-determined goal.

I think I’ve confounded my vivofit already in the lone week it’s been on my wrist.  I slapped it on Christmas day and promptly drove 6.5 hours to Williamsburg, VA with the Things.  I think my total step count was 18. Against the pre-set 7500.  Dec. 26 I ran 5 miles, and then the Things and I spent the bulk of the afternoon walking around Colonial Williamsburg. Total steps: well over 30,000.  I blew my newly adjusted goal of 6,000 steps out of the water.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat for the next few days. My goal kept adjusting upwards. Then we drove home.  Total steps: 124.  I just know in my heart of hearts the display was aching to show ???WTF?????

Now that I’m home, the goal hovers in the 8,00o step range. I tend to meet it, even if I don’t run. But today I’ve been busy All. Day. Long. and as I write, I’m still 2,500 steps short.  And that’s when it dawned on me. Even though I was busy, I was not busy moving. QED: busy and active are two completely separate concepts.

I will not let this get me down. Clear eyes: I had an active day, even if it was brain and hand activity, not moving activity. Full heart: I accomplished some tasks that made me wicked pleased (photo evidence to follow). Can’t lose!

My active day started at 6am with  37 minutes of beginner yoga for runners:

I moved alot, but didn’t take very many steps.

Then I went to renew my driver’s license. There were no chairs, so I stood. For 92 minutes. And I knit while I was standing. But I didn’t go anywhere.

Then I went to the Genius Bar to have my iPhone camera fixed. There were chairs there, and I sat and knit. I did walk through the Gap though to get to the Apple store. Note to retailers: it’s really hard to shop when your merchandise looks like this:

IMG_3294 IMG_3295

Disgusted Inspired, I came home and sewed three new shirts:

The shirt is from the Purl Bee. It’s wicked simple, with an elastic neck, no darts, and a real basic shape.  I had cut these a few days back, and today I was determined to finish them, as I was planning to bring at least two of them for my upcoming trip to Phoenix.

A few notes on the shirts: the two-toned is the wearable muslin.  I learned a bit about the construction, but didn’t make any overall changes. My favorite is the gray with the hand-stamped flowers. I cut this across the grain so that the top would remain gray and the flowers would anchor the bottom of the shirt. I also shortened the tunic length slightly.  The third is the baseball style, made from Nana-iro double gauze. You’ll note the red color around the button on that one. Yes, that’s blood.  Now you understand my reluctance regarding buttonholes. And, I’m amending my “remain injury free” resolution to “remain injury free while running.”

I finished up the three shirts in time to make dinner and start the laundry. I glanced at my tracker, and hmmm, only about 70% of goal. I would have thought that sewing, with the repetitive up and down of the foot on the pedal, would have counted for something. It clearly does not.

Although I’m shy of goal, I’m really tired, and because today has been an active success in my book, I’m going to sit on my butt and knit some more. I’m just 3″ shy of finishing a sleeve on the sweater that’s supposed to accompany those shirts to Phoenix.

Janathon Totals:

  • today’s activity: 37 min of yoga
  • total running mileage: 4.55
  • total steps: 19,686 (including running steps)
  • shirts sewn: 3
  • sweater sleeves knit: (almost) 1




  1. Holy moly, the DMV AND three shirts AND making dinner? Do you manufacture extra time? I am in awe!!!

    I received a Jawbone UP for christmas and I can set it to vibrate at a predetermined time if I’m not active. Maybe yours will do the same? Though I don’t think that will help in the DMV line.

    • The vivofit has a red bar that grows as your inactive time increases. I’m living in fear of that red bar, now. The shirts were super easy–only a few seams and voila!

  2. You’re a busy bee. Interesting to note how difficult it can be to hit those 10,000 steps.

    I’ve noticed I’ve got stiffer since I started running. Stiff and achy. So I’ve started back into yoga in the hopes of improving that.

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