Good ideas in theory

I’ve been plugging away at this sweater for far too long–it was an idea that grew in my head, but I couldn’t find a pattern that corresponded with my idea, so I just sorta cast on and had at it.  The idea was a boxy-ish, long-ish, over-sized-ish, mock t-neck-ish sweater with skinny arms. I hate too much bulk under the arms. I also didn’t want to be overwhelmed in woolly-ness.


IMG_3328 IMG_3330

Where I succeeded: the shirt-tail hem (I’m a fan of those), the drop shoulder. The excellent mock t-neck (with the right amount of curvature). The length of the arms. The biggest plus, though:  the texture, though. It’s a double seed stitch (alternating k2, p2), and it is so squishy!

What’s not quite working: I’m not sure about the blue band. It sorta draws the eye right to the middle.  Just where you want folks to be looking.  And it’s not quite as square as I wanted.  Or long.  But that’s the thing. I got it all soaked through for blocking and it GREW so much that I could have worn it as a dress.  So I popped the sucker in the dryer. For maybe a skosh too long. Oh well.

It was a good idea in theory.

I finished just in time for today’s wintery mix of slush, snow, rain and ice.  Luckily, that all started AFTER my morning run (which was beautifully sunny, albeit brisk).  The wintery mix threw everyone for a loop–especially driving. At one point, Thing 2 and I were driving, and we saw this one car approach the intersection way too quickly for the conditions (I think the driver was trying to make the light), and when the driver braked to make the right turn, BOOM, he skidded right into the SUV that was awaiting the green light.  And of course, since this was on a hill, that SUV was sent back into the car behind it. At this point, Thing 2 turned to me and said: “Great way to start the new year…”

Yep, speeding to make a light in icy conditions–that doesn’t even work out in theory.

In theory, and in practice, Janathon is humming along (although it is only day 3):

  • today’s mileage: 5.09
  • total Janathon mileage: 9.6
  • today’s steps (including running): 15,206
  • # of sweaters completed: 1


  1. I agree with Shaz. YOU can get away with drawing attention to your midriff. Also, I absolutely adore the k2,p2 stitch. I think it would look great in a snood too. Which is just about the height I would aspire to when it comes to knitting anything these days.

    Oops, for that mad driver. Bet he/she/and the SUV driver are just so sad/mad right now…

    • The k2p2 stitch creates an amazing texture; I agree, it’d make an amazing snood. Which is probably something the drivers involved in that car accident wish they could bury their heads in just about now.

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