Is all the rage. Or at least  that’s what you’d think if you saw my FB feed. Or, perhaps you would think that all these suburban, professional, educated, well-adjusted  people have absolutely no confidence or ability to make any decision on their own.

But in two sleeps I’m on my way to Phoenix for 5 days, and perhaps my brain just hasn’t had any chance to adjust yet to 2015, but I cannot for the life of me decide what to wear! (yes, first world problems galore: 1. going to phoenix, 2. having clothing options, I know, I know).

So, on this 6th day of Janathon, I’m going crowdsourcing my outfits.  Here’s the background:

  • It’s a trade show for the yarn industry. That means tons of peeps will be wearing their handiwork. If your handiwork is less than stellar, the floor is abuzz.
  • The trade show hours are LOONNGGG (10am to 6pm daily for 3 days). Comfy shoes are a must.
  • Business attire is not necessary at all (unless you’re a man. They wear suits. Unless they’re a designer. Then they were their handiwork, too).
  • Immediately after the show closes, groups congregate for dinner, then KIPing (knitting in public–mostly the hotel bar) so outfits must transition well.
  • Phoenix temps will be in the low 70s (that’s the mid teens for the entire world except the US) during the day, but I’ll be inside in the (most likely) over air conditioned convention center.
  • It’s only 4 days +2 travel days (thurs-travel, fri-booth set up and fashion show, sat, sun, mon: show hours, tues-travel).
  • I need to leave room in my suitcase for my foam roller and running kit, so I’d like to limit myself to three interchangeable bottoms and tops.

here are the choices:

  1. selvedge cropped jeans, hand-stamped self-sewn shirt, tomato l/s tee, orange woolrunners.
  2. skinny khakis (that are actually blue, not khaki), yellow l/s tee, boxy mariner striped shirt, white chucks
  3. gray skater mini, black leggings, tomato l/s tee, mariner shirt, orange woolrunners
  4. teal cords, two-toned self-sewn shirt, white l/s tee, white chucks
  5. teal cords, double gauze self-sewn shirt, white l/s tee, white chucks
  6. gray skater mini, black leggings, double gauze self-sewn shirt, white l/s tee, white chucks
  7. gray skater mini, black leggings, double gauze self-sewn shirt, white l/s tee, red short boots
  8. fair isle tunic, tomato l/s tee, gray leggings, orange woolrunners

Here are my thoughts: the jeans are a keeper, each shirt set goes. It’s a toss up between the skinny blue khakis (my head hurts trying to wrap itself around the idea of non-khaki colored khakis, I guess it’s that unanswerable: are khakis a style or a color? conundrum) and the teal cords. The blue in the two-toned shirt MATCHES the cords, not the blue khakis. The skater skirt is fun and cute, but a bit boring. Although it goes nicely with the hand-stamped shirt. The fair isle tunic? Well, it passes the “stellar” test.  But I did wear it last year (gasp), although the audience will be slightly different in Phoenix than it was in San Diego.

So, your thoughts? Which tops (and by tops, I mean the overlayer. The baselayer is included)? Which bottoms? Remember 3 of each, or if you choose the fair isle tunic, 2 of each.

And so passes Janathon Day 6 into the night. Oh, I did get in a nice 5 miles this morning in 19F weather. The chill kept me going at a pretty good clip: 9:45 min/mile. woot!  And I forgot my music, thus the abundance of outfits to choose from.


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