On the eve of my sojourn

I am so freakin’ pleased to be leaving our soon-to-be frozen tundra.  It reached a high of 13F today, which, although not quite Chicago levels of frigidity, is pretty damn cold. I did however, get my arse out of bed for a nice 4 miles this morning.  I think it was actual warmer at 0’dark thirty than during the day. The cold weather makes me faster, too. Funny that.

The crowdsourcing helped a bit. It made me realize I could stuff everything I wanted to, plus the kitchen sink, into my bag. So I did. Thus throwing out the window my best laid plans to pack judiciously.

I also faced a conundrum as to what to bring along for inflight entertainment. I’m facing nearly 6 hours of tedium (and concentrating, to keep the plane aloft, you know) and I hate paying for TV on domestic flights. My choices were:

1. knitting. This is my next project:


2. catching up on The New Yorker (last 5 issues)

3. reading, or perhaps I should say, finishing: Alice Monro’s Dear Life, so I can download Haruki Murakami’s latest: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.  (BTW, did you see that Murakami will be answering questions of any kind on his website? Oh, get in line. I’m first.)

4. re-listening to Serial.  For those of you without This American Life, Serial is a podcast spearheaded by the folks at TAL. In its first season, the reporter Sarah Koenig investigates a 1999 murder allegedly committed by a 17 year old high school student against his ex-girlfriend.  The 12 week podcast started this fall, and week by week, Koenig peeled back layer upon layer of this confounding onion. IT IS SO ENGROSSING!  Lucky for us, on our post-Christmas trip to Williamsburg, VA, we had 12 hours of driving time, so we were able to listen to the entire 12 hours in one fell swoop. Never have the Things been so quiet. We didn’t even have to shush each other. However, at some points on this trip, I did have to concentrate on driving (sometimes not so well, as our return trip included a detour through Washington, DC), so there were swaths of info I missed.  Moreover, a friend forwarded onto me the Reddit link and others full of more and more and more discussion about the case. So I could spend my out and back re-visiting the podcast while reading commentary at the same time!

Decisions, decisions! One that I already know: no running tomorrow!



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