As in, going from 5F (Newark) to 65F (Phoenix) in five easy hours.

But temperatures are relative. The folks (pholks?) here in Phoenix find (phind?) these temps a tad to chilly for their liking. I am not complaining.

Upon check in at my hotel, I found the pool (outdoors). After all the hullabaloo about my outfits, I actually forgot to pack my swimsuit. That’s ok. I don’t need a sunburn, and the trees out here don’t provide much shade:


For those of you dying to know–my inflight entertainment consisted of: 1. 4 episodes of Serial and 2.knitting on Thing 1’s hat. The hat is now complete.


My Janathon activity today consisted of not losing my cool at both ends of my trip. First in Newark, the tragedy in France prompted an increase in security at the airport this morning, resulting in huge long lines at the security checkpoints, plus some extra time with the bomb dogs. This resulted in my needing to sprint between security and my gate for boarding. I was near the last to board. Upon arrival in Phoenix, I was able to quickly retrieve my bag, find a cab, get into the cab, and then wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. (with the meter running, I might add). Turns out the President was in town. And those same security measures that almost made me late in Newark must have been implemented on Air Force 1, as the President certainly took his time boarding his plane, too. But I did not lose my cool. Moreover, I was downright pleasant to folks in line in Newark and the cabbie in Phoenix. The yoga must be kicking in. Either that, or I hadn’t completely thawed out yet.


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