I Blew it!

Only 9 days into Janathon, and already I missed a post. I even had fodder! I’m going to blame it on the jet lag, and crashing after a long day.

Yesterday I took advantage of the wonderful weather (Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas, or NJ, anymore). Morning temps were in the low 50s, and having learned my lesson in Paducah about pre-dawn running, I waited for the sun to come up before I headed out.

And I waited. And I waited. And I did some yoga. And I waited. And more yoga. And finally I got fed up at about 7:45 and stepped out. It turns out 1. the sun doesn’t rise here in Phoenix til after 7:30am. Because Phoenix doesn’t play around with daylight savings time. So part of the year they’re on central time, and part on pacific time. Which means later sunrises in the winter (although it’s nice to have sunsets after 6pm in January!). and 2. my room faces a courtyard that’s enclosed by walls high enough to block out the rising sun.

Anyways, after emerging from my tomb room, I headed out for an easy five miles. The city’s mostly a grid and divided into quadrants. I didn’t run through anything particularly remarkable, except it’s always a pleasure to see cacti as street landscaping.

IMG_3362 2


On a somber note, when I returned from my run, I happened by a TV turned to the hostage crisis in France, and spend the bulk of the morning glued to the news. To put it sophomorically, I HATE when crap like this happens. Because I’m traveling and only carrying my phone, my news sources were limited to my FB and twitter feeds (my eyes can’t read the small type of newspapers and journals on my phone–I save those for my computer and ipad) and I was bothered, flummoxed, and actually a bit distressed to see so little reaction/condemnation/outrage on my feeds. There were more complaints about the cable company’s bad customer service than reaction to this horrible event. It is maddening and saddening. This is not a time for provinciality. We (and I’m speaking the collective NYC metro area “we”) benefited from the world’s compassion after 9/11. We should know better. I truly hope that I’m wrong in this analysis, that because I’m out of state I’ve missed a bunch of stuff.

And then I found this article by Omid Safi, through NPR’s Krista Tippett. This is possibly the best and smartest piece I’ve read in a long time. Thank you, Mr. Safi, for this.


    • I keep going back to that article. There are so many people in this world with common sense, kindness and humanity. How come all the bozos get to call all the shots?

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