wrong turns

I try to create lofty and inspirational goals and New Year’s resolutions, but in actuality, I should focus on the more mundane.

Like really getting the “right” and “left” thing worked out. And buttonholes. But first and foremost, right and left.

On this 11th day of Janathon, I attempted a LSR around downtown Phoenix. I riffed a bit on yesterday’s 5 miler, which took me Northeast of the city. I found a route on Map My Run, uploaded it to my phone, and set off.

Northeast: this was good! A quick turn down a little side street brought me to that artsy part of town that I’m always interested in finding. This was a graffiti gem.




From the northeast, I turned left and headed west, into an older neighborhood:


I loved how the apartment building was painted. And when I happened upon the neighborhood with all the century old Victorians, I wondered how long it took the first pioneers to realize that Victorians are the go-to architecture of the desert.

I continued west and hit the capital area. Loved the cactus garden!

At this point I should have turned left again and headed back towards town. Instead, I went right, crossed some railroad tracks and ended up right in sketchville. Vast empty lots. No traffic. Loose dogs growling and running. The dogs freaked me out a bit. No photos here. I was running with focus.

Finally, hotel sweet hotel. Tomorrow I’m staying put. Time for some hotel room yoga.


  1. Going the other side of the railroad tracks is never a good idea, well according to any American film I have watched. Glad you got back ok away from the growling dogs

    • I love running in new cities, but really, the transition from good neighborhood to bad happens way way too quickly. And then it’s more an effort of finding my way back quickly instead of photos!

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