ISO a sewing Belgian

or Frenchman, German, or Dutchman. or woman. or person who sews and/or visits magazine shops.

Because I found arguably the most fantastic sewing mag out there, but they don’t accept subscriptions from the US.

Only from Lords and the like:




So, if you know someone who could get their hands on this, let me know.

On my last day in Phoenix, I took a short 4 mile run, in the Northeast section of the city, thus avoiding the random loose dogs and railroad tracks.  It was a humid run, but I won’t complain, seeing as tomorrow I’m heading back to sub-freezing temps.




  1. Had a look at the site to see if we can get it in the UK (seeing as how we’re all in the EU) but I can’t find an English version of the website, just French, German or Dutch, and I’m too tired to cope with that right now. How did you get to the English bit?

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