5 miles & 7 wonders

Yes, I skipped another day of blogging yesterday.  I’m just completely wrapped up in the Swedish version of The Bridge (season 2), and when I’m done binge-watching for the night, well, there’s really nothing blog-worthy compared to what I’ve just seen, so….no post. (btw, has anyone else out there seen it? if not, I totally recommend it.)

Today though, I’m going to post before I turn on the Roku.  The day started with a (not so) quick 5 miles during which my fingers froze even though I was wearing mittens.  It was a balmy 16F and no wind, but I needed to stop and tie my shoes, and well, that was the death knoll for my Raynaud’s-affected fingers.

The fingers unfroze enough for a trip into the city for Vogue Knitting Live to help out in a work-related way with a yarn company that’s helping my work with a cause-related marketing campaign (more later, right now it’s a little under wraps).  VKL lives up to its Vogue namesake with hoopla and creative knitting.  This year? The 7 Wonders of the (Knitting) world:

I will own up to be a good knitter, but lordy, I’d never have the patience for this! And what exactly do you do with something like this afterwards? Display it? On your coffee table?

Other fiber artists played around with other themes:

Again, words escape me.  And I’m left feeling a little silly that buttonholes are my undoing.


  1. Hubby and I binge watched The Bridge (season 2) a few months ago (having missed the first series), so I totally get where you’re coming from on that one. Gripping stuff, albeit a bit gruesome.

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