Random thoughts

in random order:

1. Yesterday I sat on my butt all day long and knit. Really. I am not exaggerating. We had a bit of an ice storm overnight, so I hunkered down on the sofa, finished up season 2 of The Bridge, watched Gone Girl, and knit. Yet for some reason, the vivofit thinks I took 35,654 steps.  I will admit to knitting like a banshee, but no way does 8″ of knitted fabric equal 35, 654 steps.  However, 8″ of knitted fabric means that possibly I’ll have a new sweater by midweek.  This is good.

2. I’m balking about the buttonholes. I need something else to focus on, to take priority, so I can let the buttonhole goal slide to the bottom of the “must accomplish” list. So I’ve hoped on the 2015 Reading challenge. I printed out the check list, and I even ordered one of these:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.44.42 AM

because I never miss an opportunity to carry around another half-filled Moleskine. (as an aside: the idea of writing book reports actually came to my attention last week, when someone mentioned that their mother (or mother in law) when pressed to decide what to save if there was a fire in her home, said she would leave behind every book in her magnificent library, but rescue her book journals.  Which sorta makes sense.  I mean, unless you’ve got tons of signed first editions, it’s fairly easy to by another copy of a book.  But it’s hard to recoup those feelings of absolute amazement (or utter frustration) for time well (or ill-) spent on a book.

3. My Janathon blogging efforts are falling short. I’m still on the exercise bandwagon, but it’s more and more difficult to make 5 miles sound interesting.  Today, though, the residual ice had mostly melted, so I got in a lovely 6.5 miles in a very temperate 36F.  Total mileage thus far: 61. If I can keep the niggle in my right foot at bay, I could potentially hit 100 miles for the month,  which is a nice start to the year.



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