Rookie Mistake


You would think with 30 years of knitting under my belt that I’d be beyond stupid crap like this.

IMG_3456 WOOLFOLK-4083-knus-02

See the photo on the right? That’s the goal line.  And the photo on the left? That’s the fumble on the 65 yard line.

The issue (and yes, there is an issue, even though I can see you folks squinting at the screen trying to figure out what’s wrong with the left picture) is that even though the substitute yarn knits up the same gauge (thus making it the same yarn weight or thickness), it is actually NOT THE SAME FIBER WEIGHT. It is much heavier.  How much so? Lots.  As in, the correct yarn weighs in at 130 yards per 50g, whereas my substitute comes in at a much heftier 180 yards per 100g.

The original sweater is so light, it wears like a cloud. You barely feel it on your shoulders. My sweater is virtually bullet-proof.  I think the culprit is the alpaca.  The original yarn is a 100% merino in a chainette put up.  My substitute is also a chainette put up, but 70% wool, 30% alpaca, and alpaca is just a heavier fiber.

I know myself, and since this bothers me now, I know it will bother me every. single. time. I look at this sweater in my closet (and choose not to wear it, because it will be too heavy). So, off to the frog pond we go. (FYI: this is knitting ‘lingo’–frogs say ribbit, ribbit, which sounds like “rip it, rip it” so undoing some knitting is to frog it, while undoing the ENTIRE F*IN PROJECT is to visit the frog pond).  Frogging the project begs two questions: 1. what do I do with 7 balls of yet more neutral colored yarn? and 2. do I have to return the 36,000 steps the Vivofit attributed to my day spent on the sofa knitting?

Moving on. The design is so fabulous; it deserves the proper yarn.  But I’m giving it a time out for awhile. Instead, I’m going to focus on this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.20.32 PM

Spring is coming. Days are getting brighter? not so gloomy. I need some color, and think this fits the fill: Chinoiserie. Mine will be white with yellow.

Another rookie mistake? I mistakenly set my clock (and therefore alarm) ahead one hour last night. So this morning, 5 am came really really early.  At literally 4am. But I was able to fritter away this extra hour very easily mostly double checking the stupid yarn weights with 20 minutes of yoga and then a nice 5 mile run.

My Janathon run pointed out to me the fruitlessness of continuing with the bullet-proof sweater, so it was reassuring to read upon my return home the Washington Post and see that although I make plenty of mistakes within my choice of hobbies, they are, in fact, considered sexy:


Yep, I “make clothes” (sometimes I even rip them out and start all over!) And I play sports! It was interesting to see that “applying math to solve a practical problem” is only slightly less sexy than refinishing antiques, and that both men and women held each other in the same glow of sexiness for each.  But really, is applying math a hobby?  Also funny: that men consider styling hair in an interesting way to be a hobby.  So, if you’re a woman and can do your hair in the Fibonacci Sequence…? Off the charts sexy?!

Janathon Miles: 66

Janathon trips to the frog pond: 1

Janathon uses of applying math to solve practical problems: 0 (unless you count figuring out that the alarm clock was an hour ahead after 30 minutes of walking around and checking all other clocks in the house “applying math,” then 1)


  1. LOL designing hair in a fibonacci sequence… Have you seen the winter surprise on Knitty? That pi skirt fits the bill in so many categories!!!

  2. I am so sorry about the frogging – it is true that alpaca, while soft and warm, is heavy – and it grows. But that yarn is so lovely, I hope you find a pattern for it, soon.

    ps. I think knitting involves applying math!

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