A brand new rabbit hole



I find buttons so appealing, but for years I’ve resisted the urge to start another stash of things I’ll never be able to use all of in my lifetime. Until a few weeks ago, when someone in a neighboring town offered them for free on our town’s FB swap page.  I scooped them up lickety split and then promptly forgot about them until tonight, when I unearthed a pile of fabric, patterns, yarn and other sundries that needed to find their rightful home.

What a treat! These were old (!) buttons, and many had started to deteriorate in their 1950s plastic button tin, but I salvaged a few:

Even better–some came in these fancy envelopes, thus cluing me into their age:


Do banks even offer Christmas clubs anymore? And, after years now of looking at hipster helvetica-esque fonts, boy, doesn’t this serif font just scream “PUT YOUR MONEY IN HERE! I’M A BANK ENVELOPE! IT’LL BE SAFE!”

In addition to my “trying to contain the clutter” (which I don’t think counts as a Janathon activity) that led to the finding of the buttons, I got out for an easy 4 miler this morning. Usually I’m up at 5 and out the door by 6 and home by 7. Starting in late November, my entire workout has been in the dark. Today, though, I was soooo pleased to notice that I the sun had actually dawned before I reached home! And, even more pleasing, on my commute home, it was still light at 5:21pm!  Spring is almost in the air.

Except that we’re due for a wintery mix of snow and freezing rain overnight and all day Saturday, which is putting fear into the hearts of Sunday long run aficionados. Video tutorials of screwing in little screws to the bottoms of old shoes are crossing my FB feed at an alarming rate.  My running club has its regularly scheduled hosted breakfast run on Sunday (and my group of peeps is aiming for 10 miles), so I may just be spending my Saturday in the basement digging out the drill.

I betcha the drill’s instructions are written in a serif font, though.


  1. Lucky you to get hold of those buttons, my mum has a button pot and also her mother’s, I love getting them out and having a look and can even remember doing this as a child. Grandma used to remove buttons off any clothing article before it was disposed of, something I always forget to do.

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