The calm before the


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.00.04 PM

It’s never good when your neighborhood is covered in pink.  Latest word from the doomsayers weather forecasters indicate snow will start tonight, lightly (an Alberta Clipper which usually brings the light fluffy stuff), and then it will intensify tomorrow late afternoon into all day Tuesday, resulting in upwards of 18″ of shoveling.

Knowing this and how that will wreak havoc on Janathon, I made certain to get to our running club’s hosted run this morning with plans for 10 miles.  It wasn’t pretty, but the weather was beautiful (40s and sunny!), and tons of folks turned out.


(you know it’s a good party when shoes are left at the door!)

I rushed home from the breakfast run to get the Things to NYC for a trip to the Central Park Zoo with a coworker and his daughter and son-in-law.  The headliners? Betty and Veronica, two grizzly bears who recently moved from the Bronx Zoo to a more central location on the Upper East Side. The last time I had been to the Central Park Zoo was when Thing 1 was more or less a newborn (yes, i was an ambitious mother once upon a time). Wow. Zoos are so much better when your children can see over the railing. Or even see, as in focus their eyes.

A perfect Sunday, made even more so because of the abundance of Janathon blog fodder.


  1. Great Janathon fodder indeed, love red pandas and so lucky to see the snow leopard cub. Now to the weather, think that is coming our way once you are done with it so was wondering if you could hold on to it till after my long run on Sunday please

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