Janathon Day 27

Even though I ran a strong 10 miles yesterday, I knew the next few days were going to be a wash, so I laced up again this morning (solely in the interest of Janathon) and headed out for a very easy four miles.  Snow was falling already, but the streets were clear, and the four miles on very tired legs went by without a hitch.

By midday, the snow had picked up, although we haven’t gotten to the full force of the storm yet. However, we were let home from work, the kiddos were let home from school, and Things 2, 3 and I started making our way through all the snacks. We have already eaten all the ice cream, because I’m from New England, and I crave nothing more than ice cream during snow storms. I’m glad the girls understand this, and just go with it.

This storm is either going to be a doozy, or an epic miscalculation. For those of you in time zones into our east coast future, here are two blizzard cams: one is midtown Manhattan (Times Square area) (which is eerily empty, even though it’s only 8pm) and the other is some guy’s house in Queens.  I keep peeking at both and have come to the conclusion that watching a blizzard is about as enthralling as watching paint dry.  The Mister either luckily or unluckily will have to view the cams from his hotel in Las Vegas where he is now stuck until Wednesday night.  He went out last week for a karate tournament (He was not fighting. He is beyond fighting age. He was there coaching his student). Clearly he’s taking the “stays in Las Vegas” part of that adage to heart.  When his flight was cancelled, he hightailed it to the airport and just missed getting on another plane on standby. Unfortunately for him, though, his luggage (holding his running kit and karate gi) made the flight. As he’s neither a gambler nor shopper, I’m guessing he’s having a ton of fun right now.

Until roads are runnable, I’ll be indoors working on yoga and strengthening exercises.  A few days back, Thing 3 (while watching me struggle to do yoga while maneuvering my 11″ laptop screen) informed me that the Roku streams YouTube, which has made, frankly, a life-altering difference in my willingness to do yoga.  So. Much. Easier. when I can actually see what I’m supposed to be doing.  Hopefully the roads will clear by Thursday–I’m at 90 miles for the month so far, and if I can squeak in 10 more by the 31st, that’ll be an even 100 for the month–not a bad start to the year.

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