Wrap up!

“January is a very long month,” says Capt. Obvious to anyone who’ll listen.

Here’s a wrap up:

  • 101.3 miles (23 hours and 26 “activities” which I think is another word for “run.”)
  • 2 hats and 1 sweater knitted
  • 2 sweaters not yet complete
  • 3 shirts sewn
  • 1 book started in my 2015 reading challenge
  • 1 trip to Phoenix (3 runs!)
  • 3 non-work trips to NYC (no runs! but knitting! and Broadway!)
  • 1 bust of snowstorm, but still 8″ of the white stuff
  • 1 Mister delayed in Las Vegas
  • 7 (? maybe more) blogging days missed
  • oh, and one “what the hell” (and unblogged) lottery entry in the NYC Marathon for 2015. ha!

Yes, January is a long month. Janathon certainly helps me get through it. Imagine trying to squeeze all that in in February!


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