Things I’ve learned this January

1. January has 31 days.  I realized that yesterday after I posted my Janathon wrap up, and everyone else was talking “penultimate.”

30 days has September…

2. I’m not so interesting. In fact, according to my vivofit, I’m rather sedentary (except on running days), and I sleep well (despite my achy hips). I sorta want to abandon this device, but then again, I guess having a constant reminder that you’re SITTING ON YOUR ARSE ALL THE TIME is a good motivator for getting off the sofa. Even when it’s comfy. And you’re tired.

3. I need a race calendar. I’ve hesitated putting one together, but now I’m feeling the urge. I think my hesitation stems from not having reached my sub 2:00 HM goal, and my ambivalence toward trying for that again.  I much more enjoy experiences, although I did really like the heavy duty training I was doing last fall.  So far I’m considering: Nashville Rock N Roll HM and the American Fork Canyon HM (I’m visiting both Nashville and Salt Lake City for work coincidentally at. the. same. time!). I have a chance to revisit the Montana relay (with the same wicked fun group).  MaryLou at Still a Runner reminded me of the Capital 10 miler (which seems like a perfect race distance) which is also convenient to Thing 1’s college and not far from home for me.

4. It’s really cold and my old house is very drafty. I was potentially going to revisit my bullet-proof sweater. But then I saw this from Brooklyn Tweed:


{swoon} (because I think I’m a 10 year old boy at heart).


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