February is in its infancy, but basically, it’s almost April.  And April 25 is the Rock N Roll half marathon in Nashville, which means if I’m going to run (and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, although I will definitely be there for work), I’d better start training.

I’m a bit at a loss. I have training plans in the hopper, but the biggest hurdle right now? Getting that stupid garmin to behave. The thought of spending HOURS on garminconnect, programming the watch, having it not sync properly and then spend my mornings frustrated isn’t the way I want to start my days for the next few weeks.

So I did what any normal person would do–I updated my playlists!  I found some great new songs courtesy of the AMR Winter Chaser playlist on spotify (AMR=Another Mother Runner).  Some of my faves:

So jaunty! (although I do have to add, I like the song better without the video.)

and this:

and this:

So this morning I awoke with a spring (figurative–there’s still tons of snow on the ground) in my step and set off for 5 miles.  Now since November I’ve just been plodding along, some days faster, some slower, but without any sort of aim.  This morning started out this way, but after mile 2 (10:07) I saw that it was faster than mile 1 (11:02, which is ok, because it’s my warm up and it’s uphill). When mile 3 clocked in at 9:50, I thought “hey only two more, let’s go for negative splits.” So I did.  Mile 4: 9:38 and Mile 5: 8:57.

Not speedy, but with a purpose.

Maybe it was Pitbull?

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