I totally get the snowbirds thing now. After our fourth week of below average temps, I’m basically chilled to the bone and ready to pack up and move. Nope, we haven’t had the snowfall of New England (70″ and counting), but the cold is beyond frustrating. The last time we hit “average” was Jan. 19.   Not to be a moaning Myrtle, because usually I’m ok with winter, especially of the NJ ilk.  It’s typically in the 30s and 40s and sunny with an occasional blizzard just to remind us that we are still North. But this year, gray and freezing. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m not doing myself any favors either.  Every morning, the Mister and I compare temps on our phones to the other locales we’ve saved on our temp app.  I’ve got Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The Mister has San Juan (PR), Bangkok, Singapore, Nagasaki. EVERYWHERE is warmer. EVEN NORTHERN EUROPE! In fact, Northern Europe is downright balmy compared to NJ.

The cold is wreaking havoc on my running. I’ve jumped into the Train Like a Mother 13.1 “own it” plan on week 3.  What a mess. Two workouts were complete flops: a 3 mile tempo run (3×1 mile at tempo pace with a .25 mile recovery) and my 12 mile long run with the middle 3 miles at race pace.  I just could. not. reach. my goal paces.  Maybe that it was only 7F and 9F respectively on those mornings, but it’s disheartening to say the least. During the 12 mile long run, I actually questioned my sanity as I had to stop and tie my shoes, and then could not feel my fingers (courtesy of my Reynaud’s) for the remaining 4 miles.

The lack of feeling in my hands dissipated about 2 hours later, giving me plenty of time to whip up a gift for Thing 2’s upcoming birthday.  This is my 4th sewn raglan tunic. It’s becoming my go-to quick sew.


Yes, she knows this is a birthday gift. And no, the colors do nothing to improve my mood. However, I do want the shirt to get worn, so I went with Thing 2’s favorite color scheme. Black and more black with a side of gray. The sleeves are actually a herringbone. The entire shirt is flannel.  And yes, I centered the plain in front, and matched them on the side seams. Not that she’ll notice, but I will.

Because nothing is more depressing than an unending winter than mismatched plaids.


  1. Don’t beat yourself up about your paces…I just read somewhere that you slow down in the cold just like you do in the heat and humidity. You’ll hit your paces when it is normal again and kudos for going out in 7 degree weather in the first place!

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