I have been planning this moment for a long, long time.  Like close to 17 years.

Finally, I have a work room!


My work room is only 8’x8′, and it has been the first bedroom for each of my children, but I knew the minute we moved it, that while it is nursery size, it’s also the perfect space for a workroom.

So over the weekend, I moved almost everything of the yarn and fabric ilk in there.  After I got 90% of the stuff in there, I began to think I’ve outgrown it already. All the plastic bins? That’s yarn. There are 12 of them. What you can’t see are the several other bins and boxes (also containing yarn). The dresser is empty, and I’ll put fabric in there. I’m glad it’s all in one space, though. No more traversing 3 flights of stairs wondering where my needles/sock yarn/measuring tape/stitch holders/etc. etc. are. Also, it means I can set up my ironing board and not block access to the kitchen or den. These are all good things.

Last night I started organizing it all, and I’m flummoxed. Color? Yarn weight? Half-finished projects? So basically I cleared out all the things I will never use (2 trash bags full of tiny odds and ends) and stuff I’m giving to a coworker (because she’s got even less time than I have to knit), and I put the rest in time out for marinating, but packed away so Kitten is not tempted.

I’ve been dreaming of springtime projects, as I’m sick to death of my winter clothes, but given that our forecast is for continued below normal temps for the time being, I have plenty of time to organize (and dream).  A weekend trip to the fabric store whet my appetite.

Now that I’ve got the space, there’s no excuse at all for ignoring buttonholes!


  1. oh, you lucky thing! Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to be able to leave the sewing machine set up and still eat a meal a the table? 🙂 As for how to organize – that is tough. I have mine in small bins by project, if I know what the project is. Other than that, I do tend to sock yarn together, but then all other weights by color. It sounds disorganized, but it seems to work for me. Having all the bins in one place sure does help!

  2. I recently got my own “studio” as well. It is amazing to have all of your supplies in one place. Ikea furnished my space. I’ve got one bookshelf of fabric, one bookshelf of yarn, a huge desk/table, and one bookcase of writing inspiration. I hope your find all your muses in your new space.

    Me, I organized yarn by color, but separated out the “big project yarn.” Fabric is organized by kid prints, adult prints, and big pieces. All in all I love seeing everything I have. It calms those impulses to shop for more. (I am not looking at the beautiful fabric you posted!)

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