Talk to me

so many things out there just speak to me.

Like this:

(I think I’m supposed to be friends with her, she just doesn’t know it yet.)

And this:


(Of course I cast on for one, ignoring, yet again, the mound of projects that await me in my still yet to be organized room of my own, but–silver lining–I used re-discovered yarn from my stash!)

And this:

(This is my work ‘hood. The Wall St. stop is my subway stop. There are never that few people on the street, and I double dog dare this guy to try this on a weekday. In heels and snow, dodging tourists, especially the ones in line, or as they say in NYC, on line, anxiously waiting their photo op to pet the bull’s balls. Oh, and where’s his metro card? That’s the only thing that would keep me from making it–rifling through my damn bag for my metro card).


  1. Amazing video!! Love the thoughtful sentiment, especially as I have spent today pondering the seemingly-impossible job of “creating a narrative” for myself for business purposes. We are addicted as a society to the easily understandable, and for those who aren’t or don’t, it can be very disheartening.

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