at what point?

So many questions. So few answers.

At what point…will the snow melt?

Last week we were subject to yet more snow.  Compared to last year, we’ve had fewer snowfalls, but they’re anger inducingly late; thus the frustration. Last week’s came on Wednesday through Thursday. As very little had settled in the morning, I headed out for a short 4 miles. Upon taking my snowy selfie, I realized that I am at fault for the snow…I have yet to take down my Christmas wreaths, which has clearly thrown the universe into a tailspin. They will come down as soon as I unthaw.

At what point…will my long runs not suck?

Honestly, today’s long run (10 miles + 8 min Strong Finish) sucked. Last weeks (13 miles, last mile at RP) did too. So did the two weeks prior to that. Between excruciating side stitches, an inordinate number of pit stops, sub zero temps, and a whole host of other excuses, I just can’t get back into the groove. It’s a tad frustrating, and I’m wondering if my better days are just behind me and I should just suck it up, buttercup. It’s hard to know. This week we should have more typical temps, and I’m going to make an effort to be smarter about my meals (which is an excellent segue to…)

At what point…do I get to stop worrying about my pants being too tight?

I hope it’s just a hibernation thing, but again (like last winter), despite the 30 miles a week of running, regular yoga and giving up salt and vinegar potato chips for Lent, my pants seem to get tighter and tighter each week.  Even my Acne jeans, which, per their instructions, I don’t wash (thus eliminating the “oh they just shrunk in the dryer” excuse) and growing snug. ugh. Honestly, though, I think I’ve been worried about this since I’ve been 13, and it’s growing old.

But let’s turn that frown upside down!  Good things abound:

The Mister and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary!


That is us at our reception. Snow seems to be a theme of our lives, as in 1994, the week prior to our wedding was extremely snowy (my in-laws arrived from Japan on the last plane let into JFK before it closed for two days, and my 3 great aunts had to sleep in their minivan on route 80 in Pennsylvania as they drove from Indiana to NYC). Our dinner reservation got cancelled because of the snow storm, so we spent our evening shoveling and then being entertained by Frank and Claire Underwood, but lucky for us, the restaurant was able to squeeze us in on Friday night.  All was good!

Also last week, Thing 1 and I took an early morning trip into Brooklyn to help my college friend move her sculptures into a gallery for her upcoming show.  It was great to see her again (I wrote of her previous work here), and great to spend a few hours with Thing 1.


Finally, in an effort to convince Mother Nature that spring is, in fact, a good thing, I jumped the gun on a new wardrobe piece: the Bento T-shirt

I LOVE this shirt. I lengthened it about 2″, and when I do my next one, I will add just a smidge more length so I can have a more substantial hem. I made the short sleeved version without the front pockets. The fabric is a sturdy organic cotton knit from Birch Fabrics which meant that I was able to use my regular machine (good, since I don’t have a serger) and regular foot (because I was too lazy to switch out to my walking foot). My local fabric shop doesn’t have any more of this great coral color, but they do have the same pattern in a nice yellow, and I’m thinking I may have to get some of that for the Marianne Dress. But that will come after this:


(Jasper by Paprika Patterns)

An added bonus? I made this in my newly designated sewing room, and when I finished, I just left my sewing machine on the table and AMAZINGLY…the world did not end!


  1. Hope that spring arrives for you soon I think then the running will come in to its own.
    Happy Anniversary
    I love that fabric but really love the look of the stripey number.

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