Last week was an amazing week for gifts.

I got a book:


from my friend Steff, as a ‘thank you’ for moving her sculptures.  Which really wasn’t all that much work, but it’s nice to get a book out of it! And something I’m sure it will check a few boxes on my 2015 Reading Challenge (which I’m failing at spectacularly, but that’s another story).

And some lamb:


from my friend Kris, and although I did buy the lamb, I’m still counting this as a gift, because first, we got to hang out for a bit at the NJ version of the Another Mother Runner book reading/signing and second, now my Easter dinner (and dinners for many days afterwards) is taken care of. (and those two packages are just a sampling–I’ve got a whole half a lamb in my freezer!)

And some fabric:

This was a cute French pattern I found while trolling Kollabora, and that it was only 5 Euro for the PDF (which, because of the Euro’s recent downfall, translated into barely over $5) made me click “buy” immediately.  Of course there were issues with the PDF printing (I can never get European or Australian PDFs to print to 100% without losing some of the pattern), but I SIUBC (sucked it up, buttercup) because French pattern.

The best part of this pattern was that I didn’t need to take a trip to the fabric shop, as my mother had gifted me a bolt of this 100% cotton fabric from her stash.  She had bought it decades ago to make drapes for my brother when he was living in Boston.  I don’t know which surprised me more, that my mother has a stash that stretches back decades, or that my brother at one point was living in Boston.

Anyways, I channeled my inner Maria von Trapp, and just sewed and sewed. Having a bolt of fabric is freeing–I made a muslin, had Thing 2 pin the life out of it, and recut and resewed.  On the muslin, I tried French seams (as the jacket is unlined), but wasn’t pleased with the outcome.  On version two, I found a tiny bit of Liberty in my stash and quickly (well, not really quickly because it is a mind-numbing chore) made some bias strips to trim the edges and finish the seams on the inside.  Having never done that before, I screwed it up, but it looks ok, so I’m good with that.

My success with this jacket of course translated into another trip to the fabric store to get some simply amazing new fabric (with an accompanying contrast lining) for version 2.0.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and the final gift?


That was from the Mister.  He gave me Time.  To figure out….BUTTONHOLES!

And Shaz, you’re right. They are not so tough!


  1. Yay for buttonhole success! No holding you back now.
    I was once in a fabric shop looking for a satin bias binding which they did not have in the colur required and they uttered the words ‘you could make your own’ oh how I laughed, the answer I replied was ‘NO I can’t’ how tedious well done for making some I bought some satin ribbon instead!

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