It is March 31st

and it’s snowing as I type.

But the beer store thinks it’s summer:


It most definitely is not summer.  In protest, I left empty-handed.

This has been a busy month.  Thing 3 had many projects due. Kitten is not helpful.


She also participated in her entrepreneurial program again, with her lovely wristlets:


She nearly sold out.

She and I also took our yearly trip to Atlantic City for the annual beer festival.  No, she does not participate, but sometimes she’s called upon for assistance in the pretzel lanyard department.

IMG_3819 IMG_3822

(The reason I’m in front is that I have super-long selfie arms) The beer festival gets better and better each year. The pours are slightly more generous and the powers that be have recognized the benefit of adding food vendors, which is always a plus. My favorite food vendor was the dude selling ice cream sandwiches with PIE filling! My favorite of his offering: the key lime pie ice cream sandwich.

I treated myself to a number of those, but only because I jiggered around my training schedule so that my long run was the morning of the beer festival, not the morning after–the long run was 12 miles.  I basically ran from one end of the boardwalk (by the defunct Revel casino) to the end, in a completely different town (Ventnor City), turned around and came back.  And yes, the boardwalk does come to a complete end.


It wasn’t a horrid run, but it wasn’t great either.  The weather cooperated (Mother Nature and her bizarre sense of humor decided a blizzard for the trip down would be appropriate). My last mile was supposed to be at race pace.  I got there, but it wasn’t pretty.

I’m not sure where my running is going.  The long, cold winter certainly took its toll, and although I’m putting the miles in, the speed and enthusiasm are sorta like our never-arriving spring. They peek out occasionally, but they haven’t settled in yet.

Since it’s still fairly chilly, last weekend I decided to give Jasper a go. This really tested my mettle–I had to muster all my patience (and quiet the little voices that kept saying “oh it’s good enough) to match a kajillion stripes.  I think I spent nearly 2 days matching. And re-matching, and then double-checking.  It was worth the effort:

The button is non-functioning, which is fine.  The sweatshirt fleece fabric is thick and cozy, although if I do this project again, I’ll choose something with a little less heft (this fabric is 12oz, making the seams quite thick)! But I’m pleased as punch with the outcome! Even if Thing 3 says I look like Waldo.


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