are they made to be crossed? Or yielded to?

I guess it depends on the line.

Today, on Easter Sunday, my long run called for 15 miles.  I don’t know where this came from.  I don’t run anything longer than half marathons, but in this hybrid plan I’ve concocted (using both the RLAM Own It plan and one from Runner’s World), the long runs are typically for distances longer than 13.1.  A line.  Albeit, one in the sand, but a line nonetheless.

Crossed it Hurdled it, even. With deliberation. Feeling sorta badass, even though the run was less than stellar with far too many potty stops. (now that the snow’s gone, porta potties are out in force). But there goes that line, steady at 13.1.

I also used this long weekend to work on a variety of sewing. Despite the tedium of tracing patterns and cutting fabric, I’m loving putting garments together. On the docket for this weekend was another Discrete, a reversible skirt (Osaka), and the Nell top.  I ended up with two finished garments (Discrete and Nell).  Let’s just say that Osaka needs to stay on that side of the ocean for a while.

And I was totally feeling the love for both Discrete and Nell until the Mister took the photos for this post.  First Nell: the part I loved the most about the pattern, the curved neckline, didn’t come out as planned.  And double gauze fabric (I chose a Nani-iro double gauze for the make) has a lot of give, and is actually hard to sew (mostly because ripping out seams is a bear). Also, when the instructions called for hand-finishing, I tried to sew in the ditch on the machine. Lesson learned.

I’m not typically a wearer of tunics. But I went with it as I deemed it appropriate for my age.  You see, the more I knit and sew, the more I second guess garments I find immediately appealing, wondering, is that something a woman of my age (closing in on 50) should be wearing?

Yet another line.

My newest Discrete tiptoes up to that line, and then takes a flying leap right over.

I love the cut of this jacket. But I wanted to have some fun with it, and I wanted to make it reversible so I wouldn’t have to deal with finishing the seams. And then this Echino fabric came screaming out to me from the bolt. I went with a simple gray/white dot for the lining.

With only 3 pieces, this was a simple make, and so easy to just make 2, and insert one inside the other for the lining.  But halfway through this project, I started to second guess the birds.  Maybe the long winter was too long and I was yearning for spring?

I was about to put the button on, when the front fell open, and I sorta fell in love with that look, so I moved the button down to the midriff. And I was as pleased as punch. Until the Mister was readying the phone for the pics and gasped when I put on the jacket.  Did I suddenly cross over into crazy cat lady/Red Hat territory? (not that there’s anything wrong with crazy cat ladies or red hats).

I retreated to my sewing room, slightly less satisfied.  And coincidentally, read Roobidoo’s similarly themed post.  I never thought at my age I’d be second-guessing my clothing choices.  The appeal of knitting and sewing for me is playing with color and texture. If I’m going to take the time to make something, the colors, the texture, the design–they all have to speak to me. And this did.

If this is a line, I guess I’m careening right on through, foot on the gas.


  1. I think careening over the line, foot on the gas, is the optimal choice at this point. And both garments look wonderful, but the first is especially great with your haircut.

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