I’m a joiner. Come up with a good idea, and I’m all in. Always. 100%.  Book clubs, running clubs, girls’ nights out–you name it, I’ll join it. And I love how the interwebs brings all us joiners together.  But I’m faltering.

Right now it’s the middle of Me-Made-May and I have yet to take one single picture. For the life of me, I cannot begin to manage curating 31 photos of me.  Because, to get even one half decent shot, my photographer (the amazingly patient Thing 3) has to take, oh, I dunno, maybe 30 pictures.  Multiple that by 31 and it’s a little overwhelming.

But, and you’ll have to trust me on this one, every. single. day. I’ve worn at least one thing I’ve made. And even though it’s May and heavy wool sweaters aren’t much of an option, I’m doing ok; I haven’t even repeated an outfit yet!  Luckily, my job isn’t a fancy dress up job.

Juneathon comes right on the heels of Me-Made-May. Of course I signed up immediately after seeing the post today. I love reading all the blog entries from parts of this world I’ll most likely never visit. And it’s comforting to know that weather and injuries and malaise and enthusiasm know no geographic boundaries.  But I have a feeling, much like Me-Made-May (and this past Janathon), I’ll miss some runs or some blog posts. Incredibly, the world won’t come to grinding halt.

I have participated in Socktober and Norovember and NaNoSweMo (national november sweater month, or knit a sweater in nov), the Knit Olympics, Me Made May, Jan and Juneathon, a bunch of other virtual races, this 2015 reading challenge (shamefully, I’m still on only my 3rd book).  I used to start and finish these challenges with relish. Maybe it’s my age, but now I feel as though these are actual challenges!

Here’s my idea: Six Feet Under September. The month you play dead.


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