Sometimes you just can’t make this sh*t up

Thing 2 and I are in Columbus for the annual yarn industry trade show. Many times when I’ve shown up for the show, there are other exhibits or trade shows going on. Once it was a group of librarians. Another time, a bunch of gardeners.

This year, I’m not sure who was in charge of the planning, but boy, they must have been chuckling when they did this: the knitters, the International Trumpet Guild and The Midwest Haunters Convention.  Yep. Knitters, horn players and zombies.  Somehow it worked.

Thing 2 was thrilled when I bought her a ticket to the Haunters Convention, and she returned to my booth looking like this:


This is rather tame compared to what was inside.

Saturday night was a conundrum.  So many events, so little time: a yarn show cocktail party, the Haunters’ masquerade ball and the trumpeters’ concert. Decisions, decisions.  Thing 2 and I hightailed it to Ohio State for the Rolling Stones.



It was an amazing concert. Simply amazing.

We returned from the concert just as the zombies were leaving their ball. I don’t know who had the better time. Maybe the living girl.


While in Columbus I’ve been gearing up for Juneathon, although morning temps and humidity levels haven’t been cooperating. A cold front is passing through today though, so I have high hopes for a nice run tomorrow morning.



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