Nope, the calendar says June. But a very brisk day to usher in the start of Juneathon. I think it was all of 45F when I headed out this morning, and by the end of mile 1 when I couldn’t feel my fingers, I thought of packing it in and heading back to the hotel. But I persevered–6.1 miles, and my last run (for awhile) in Columbus.

Thing 2 and I finished up our work at my booth, and headed off to my cousin’s, just outside of Cleveland. Tomorrow there will be no running, but there will be college touring, so that will count as my Juneathon activity.  In the meanwhile, until this cold front moves on through I will be shivering, because even though I spent an insane amount of time planning my outfits, I did not see fit to bring any sweaters or jackets.  Maybe shivering counts as Juneathon activity as well?  Most likely not.


  1. College touring is the worst. Done it twice. One time I drove 2 hours for a campus visit and my daughter said don’t bother getting out of the car because I’m not going here. She ended up going to school 10 minutes from our house. Go figure.

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