That’s the number of steps I took on our two college tours today. Slightly shy of the goal the Vivofit randomly sets. Both colleges (the College of Wooster and Oberlin) were lovely, but as they were the first two on what promises to be a very long process, Thing 2 is reserving judgement.  Right now she’s trying to wrap her head around the rural settings. I, on the other hand, could see myself being perfectly happy at either for the next four years.


That’s the number of miles I sat in my car with my foot on the accelerator.  It translates to about 7.75 hours of driving (which is a lot of sitting). Tomorrow is one last visit before the big push home to arrive in time for Thing 3’s viola concert.

Thus ends Juneathon day 2.



  1. Oh a rural setting sounds fabulous but can’t imagine it would to a teenager!
    That is a lot of miles to cover, I shall not complain about the 120 I have to drive today!

    • I so much want to remind her that as a college student, the surrounding town plays a very small role–most time is spent on campus. But with NYC as your backyard playground, cornfields are a tough sell.

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