Things I hate

in no particular order (and as a result of my having been locked in  car with Grumpy Cat, oh, I mean Thing 2, for 800+ miles and having my first beer in oh-so-many days).

1. Triangle Shawls. Really? You want to look older? Have at it. I know these are all the rage. still. And yes, they are technically beautiful. But can we please. just. stop. knitting. them. Please?

2. maxi skirts. Oh, let’s wear these with our triangle shawls! That would look great! (insert sarcasm font here). These are potentially ok, except for the word maxi.  It ranks up there with panty and moist.

3. trucks that travel in the left hand passing lane. without passing. because they can’t. because they’re a truck and stuck in one speed: slower than molasses.

Things I love:

1. that squats and planks count as exercise, especially when traveling, especially during Juneathon.

Because although today was #nationalrunningday, I was in Ithaca, NY visiting colleges and not running. Although the campus was hilly enough that this one tour got me past my steps goal for the day, I felt the need to get some squats and planks in for the sake of Juneathon authenticity. 50 squats, and 20 secs of planks, plus 12 minutes of my favorite runner’s pre-run yoga routine.


  1. I love triangle shawls but can’t wear them properly, no matter what. I can’t wear any scarf properly, of any shape or fabric. I clearly didn’t get that talent. But my mother has knit me several beautiful shawls, so I keep wearing them because I love them.

    • I think they take incredible skill, but they also age the wearer incredibly. They take incredible skill and patience to make, and in theory are so beautiful. Something happens though once they are thrown around shoulders–these lovely shawls which are so incredibly light weight somehow become heavy enough to stoop the wearer’s shoulders.

  2. lol – I am with you on those danged trucks. But I do like to wear lace shawls – any shape. I often turn the triangle ones around so the point is in front. And I have been experimenting with making them less triangular by adding one more lace section – they come out to be half circles then. More acceptable? 🙂

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