On this 5th day of Juneathon, I slogged through 4 miles of utter exhaustion.  Turns out that driving 10 hours to a trade show, working long hours through a weekend, attending one late night concert, driving 10 hours back over two days and visiting 3 colleges (one of them quite hilly) and THEN spending 12 hours and 2 minutes at a work event (yes, there’s a story behind the 2 minutes) makes this soon-to-be 49 year old wicked tired.  The 4 miles felt like an eternity. But they’re in the bank.

(and the 2 minutes–yet another “you can’t make this sh*t up” NYC story. Our event is at Pier 60 at Chelsea Pier. As staff for the event, we got 12 hour parking passes. When I pulled out, at nearly 11pm last night, I was informed by the parking attendant that I had overstayed my welcome, by 2 minutes, and owed $12.  Really?  My organization just dropped six figures with your venue to put on this event, hosting nearly 1,000 captains of industry, and you want $12 from me? Because I overstayed by 2 minutes? Gee. I guess there’s no such thing as a grace period.)

After my run, I slogged off to work, to deal with the residual effects of last night’s fun. A coworker and I agreed to leave at 2pm, as we were dragging. Soon after lunch we declared “1:30 is the new 2pm,” and made a sloggish haste home to my bed for a 9o minute nap. Wow. That felt great.

But lest you think I’m a complete Sloggy Sally, I’ll have you know I am cooking up an incredible to-do list. First up…the freakin’ fattest sweater in the world.  Because yep, even though summer’s taking a bit of a hiatus, I will not be left shivering.


Instead I will be a marshmallow with legs. (I bought this at the trade show, figuring I wouldn’t have to start it until October or so.  Guess I was wrong.)


  1. OMG, I hope you get a few days off to do NOTHING but rest! I can see why you are tired. Love the big sweater – and I bet it is a fast knit – love it!

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