June FOs

FOs are “finished objects,” of which I now claim two from the UFO (un-finished objects) pile.

This is Walk Along. Swoon. I love this sweater. In these pics it’s fresh off the needles and unblocked. After one day of wearing it, I gave it a soak which softened up the yarn immensely. (funny thing about this yarn–totally soft as butter in the skein, but knit up, it was slightly rougher. The bath did it good). The bath also lengthened it so that it’s got more of a swingy shape.  Knitting time? About 1 month start to finish.

And this is Arielle. Another swoon (see, even my eyes are closed, I’m so pleased). I made no modifications, except that in my huge effort to line up the horizontal plaid lines, I miscut some of the fabric, and ended up shortening the waist slightly. It’s still high enough, though, and I’m wicked pleased with this effort. It actually looks store-bought. And the lining (because I went with that option) looks freakin’ amazing!

Funny when you start to post pictures, you begin to see a trend. In this case, slate blue. You would think I was color-shy. No worries!  More vibrant colors are on their way!

Today’s Juneathon activity, in addition to casting on for yet another project (because we all know that knitting burns more calories than many of our favorite activities), included 5 really humid miles. Recently, I’ve been relying on perceived effort, as opposed to having my garmin beep at me all the time, so I was pleasantly pleased to see that despite the 97% humidity, I ran a solid 10min pace.  On what should have been an “easy” day. And it felt easy. Despite the thick air.  This made me so happy I had ice cream, disguised as a smoothie, for breakfast.   I love Juneathon.


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