Less is not more, less is less

Less is so much less that I completely forgot to blog last night! Yikes. Only a third of the way through Juneathon and a fail!

Plenty of good excuses, though.  First and foremost being that Friday involved very little running of the intentional ilk.

But although I did not plod through my neighborhoods at o’ dark thirty, I did run to get coffee (I was late for work). And once at work, a coworker and I ran to Ikea to get some things needed to my upcoming convention. And in the afternoon, while sitting in the typical 50 minutes of parkway traffic, my mind was racing over my evening’s to-do list. And of course, I got too caught up with Season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and had to high-tail it over to my friends’ for their USA-Sweden soccer party.

So Juneathon Day 12 consisted of zero runs, but plenty of movement. Oh, and some obligatory yoga.

Day 13 has been much less movement, but much more actual running–nearly 4 miles with the Mister in the morning humidity. Then I hunkered down for WWKIP (world wide knit in public) day, although the heat kept me inside which is decidedly more private.

I’ve been slogging away at this striped summer shirt, and it’s having a hard time keeping my interest. Could be that it’s my 4th or 5th project in a row on skinny yarn and skinny needles. Today I was in the mood for instant gratification.  I cast on for this, for Thing 2.

This is what 90 minutes of super bulky knit on US size 19 needles gets you:IMG_4214

This is what 2.5 weeks (probably 23-27 hours) of fingering weight yarn on US size 4s gets you:


For comparison’s sake:


I’m not a fan of huge yarn and needles. It can exacerbate any tendonitis issues as (at least for me) there’s so much less control. It’s like the difference between driving an automatic transmission Escalade or a manual transmission mini cooper over a windy mountain path. There’s just less agility with the bigger yarn/needle combo.  That being said, give me 6 more episodes of Orange is the New Black, and I may just be able to stick a fork in this puppy.


    • Plenty hot, but not so heavy–it’s a single (barely) plied, so rather lightweight. The needles, on the other hand–those are basically tree trunks.

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