Silver linings

There’s always one.

Yesterday the real estate stuff, coupled with some work stuff, was way too stressful. And frankly, the work stuff was set to resolve itself in a (deep voice) meeting today. I was not looking forward to this at all.

I had a restless sleep, and woke at 4:55, before my alarm, did my pre-run yoga and set out a speed workout which wasn’t on the docket, but I felt the need to push myself.  To that end: 1.5m warm up, 7x 1 min on/offs (with the “on” being at 8:10-8:20 pace), 1.5m cool down.

Even though NJ has apparently inherited Bangkok’s humidity, I nailed my paces, with several of the repeats well under 8 min/mile pace. boo-yah!

Yet, that did not shake the anxiety.

It wasn’t until I saw this:


that I actually felt settled. There may be drama at work. Real estate may suck. It’s wicked humid and life is a question mark.  BUT, I AM WEARING TWO OF THE SAME SHOE. Everything will be ok.


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