Lots of distance, but not so much movement

Today I traveled 2,201 miles from my home in NJ to my temporary work/home in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I’ll be for work for the next 12 days.  Unlike my trip to Indianapolis 3 years ago (for the same reason), this year my coworkers and I rented an actual house through Airbnb. This will be much better. Maybe.

But, even though my body physically is 2,201 miles away from its starting point, I didn’t quite make my step goal (although according to google, it would take me 722 hours to walk the distance). And since my crack o’ dawn plane meant a 3:45am wake up, I didn’t get much Juneathon activity in either.  However, my heart rate increased incredibly on my ride to the airport, as my taxi driver just may have been high or drunk, and we had a few close calls with some Jersey barriers.

Once in Salt Lake City, I was greeted with temps over 100F. Yes, it was a dry heat, but man, it still was hot! I ran a few errands (and sweat, so I’m counting that as Juneathon) and mapped out some morning runs for the next few days. I also saw these fab bike racks! Too bad they were outside a store only accessible by highway.


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