which of these activities did I complete today for my Juneathon commitment?

  1. 4 ish mile run through the canyons of Utah
  2. .8 mile bobsled run at the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah
  3. measuring and pinning and cutting out my new Landgate anorak?

If you answered “All of the above” then you would be correct!

For my first full day in Salt Lake I mapped out what I thought would be a pleasant jaunt around the state capitol, through a park and then home.  However, although SLC is laid out on a grid, I still suck at map reading and counting and found myself climbing this enormous hill that dumped me into a canyon.  I followed the other runners and soon found my way out, but across town.  Plenty of sights to be seen, though.

My coworker and I then hoofed it on over to the convention center, creepily named the Salt Palace (it makes me shudder every time I think of it) to set up our booth. Mission accomplished, we then set out for some sightseeing.  The rental car guy recommended visiting the Olympic Village in Park City, mentioning that bobsled rides were available.

My heart froze. I hate things that are too fast, too high, too out of my control. But Oliver (said coworker) was game, so off we went and we found ourselves at the visitor’s center, purchasing tickets to hurtle ourselves down the men’s bobsled run.

Confession time: I’ve never ridden a roller coaster. The combination of the speed and heights makes me sick to my stomach. I will use any excuse in the book to avoid roller coasters.

But I figured that I can do anything for a minute and 10 seconds (the amount of time it takes to hurl yourself down a bobsled run). And I can honestly say now, having ridden a bobsled at 7o mph, experiencing 5Gs of force, that it’s not the speed I’m afraid of. It’s the heights. Because the bobsled was FREAKIN’ FANTASIC!!!!

And boy, do you need some serious strength to do bob sled. When sitting in the sled, your back had to be straight, arms braced against the side of the sled, and shoulders shrugged to keep your head from flying off. Because it will.  My arms and elbows are quite bruised, and my neck is still a bit sore, but I’d do it again in a minute!

We rushed home after bob sledding, as I had a sewing lesson with Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch. I’m making this:


in a pretty navy wool. A quick two hours later, I had all my pieces cut out and we’ll start sewing on Sunday!

Is there a prize for most varied activities?


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