Robin Hood

watch out!


Yesterday I took my 2nd sewing class with Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch. We only had two hours together, but I got the two most difficult elements of my Landgate anorak complete: the lined hood (complete with zip) and a welt pocket.  The rest of the project should go together quite easily (raglan sleeves sewn to the front and back.  The only tricky part will be adding the lining, but it shouldn’t be that tough. (she says with confidence having done this, hmmm, maybe zero times before.)

Yesterday was a recovery day. I did some light yoga, because honestly, my legs were not having anything to do with moving about. It took considerable concentration to lower myself into a seated position. And if I stayed there too long (which was approximately 4 or 5 minutes), then I was unable to rise. If I stayed standing, after the same 4 or 5 minutes, I was incapable to walking. Downhill running works completely different muscles, which I knew in theory, but now have experienced first hand.  Today already feels much better.

I’m now into my last four days in Salt Lake. It’s a really really clean city. The architecture is less inspiring, but the cleanliness (next to godliness?) is remarkable. On my way to pick up lunch the other day, I came across this:


Any city that hires folks to clean the grout between bricks really takes its cleanliness to heart. Oh, and he’s doing this in 100F temps.  The people here are quite friendly, too. The runners ALL wave and say good morning. People chat each other up in line. Restaurant and service industry staff are all very pleasant. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood, except when trying to get into a wine bar without a US passport. That can’t happen. (back story: my coworker, a US citizen, lives in Edinburgh, and has a Scottish driver’s license, and doesn’t carry around his passport when he travels. However, said foreign driver’s license isn’t legal enough for the state of Utah to allow him to drink wine in a bar. Oh. And he’s 40, and while young looking, is clearly much older than 21).

Maybe if he wore a hood.

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