Soccer on the last day

Watching, not playing, though.

Another Juneathon for the books. This one ended with a 1. 47 mile walk with my coworker before another 7 hour stretch at our booth and then the US women’s soccer game against Germany.  Not so much activity, unless you count fist pumps and woo-hoos!

Here are my Juneathon stats:

  • # of runs: 18
  • # of miles: 103
  • # of steps: 423,074
  • # of miles: 217 (but 103 of those are running miles)
  • # of days I missed my step goal: 12 (gee, look at that. On the 18 days I ran, I hit or surpassed my step goal).
  • # of yoga days: 10
  • # of Juneathon days missed: 2
  • cities visited: 2
  • miles traveled: too many to count
  • days away from home: 16
  • houses sold and sold (tentatively): 1 of each
  • colleges visited: 3
  • sewing projects started: 2/completed: 0
  • knitting projects started: 2/completed: 1 (almost, that is)

I am tired. My july-athon will consist of napping.

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