Back from blog-cation

Always after Juneathon I feel the need for a blog break, because frankly, after 30 solid days of posting, I’m a little bit bored with myself.  This year, the added bonus playing catch up at home after 12 days away made the blog-cation a necessity.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s been going down chez Sato:

1. I celebrated yet another birthday.  I am now one year shy of 50. The downside to being 49? Aging out of all technology all together in one freakin’ day.  What makes me think this?  First, I’ve been involved in beta testing an app.  It’s a productivity app and all was well and good until July 2nd when all my data disappeared and for the life of me I couldn’t find it. Still can’t.  I’ve missed countless appointments and projects have fallen by the wayside because it’s all gone. Even better–I can not make heads or tails of the instructions to begin to recover said data.  To remedy the situation, I have returned to pen and paper.  Second, the Mister generously bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday. By the time I returned home after a day of airports and flying, it was 11pm when I opened this gift. And I spent next hour trying to get the weather for Cupertino, CA off the stupid watch. I ended up calling Apple Support at midnight, in tears.  (10 days later, I’m more excited about this watch–it solves a bunch of problems for me, mostly stemming from the fact that I usually have my phone buried somewhere in my bag and I miss tons of calls and texts. But not any appointments or to-dos, because that data is all gone).

2. I watched the US crush Japan in the World Cup finals. This was a great game, and thankfully the Mister chose to watch it at another venue with his compatriots so I could cheer and fist pump to my heart’s content without worrying about hurting his feelings. To celebrate even further, my NY office was on Friday’s ticker tape parade route, so I dragged Thing 3 into the city with me for the festivities.  I’d never gone to a ticker tape parade and this did not disappoint!

on the train


Here’s a video of the first float of champions!


I also finished a few projects.  First Chinoiserie

I used the wrong yarn for this project, and the intarsia didn’t come out as well as it should have. It’s also a tad short (the sleeves are short on purpose) and I’m not happy at all with how the sleeve cap fit into the armscye. I’ll pass this along to Thing 2 or 3, but it’s sorta scratchy so most likely it will go unworn.

To regain some knitting mojo, I did cast on for this:


I also finished my Landgate anorak.

Here’s what I’m pleased about: 1. the lining. 2. the top stitching. 3. the length (both arms and body) 4. the pink zip and cording 5. the welt pockets (which you can’t see)

Here’s what I’m not so pleased about: 1. screwing up the casing for the drawstring and making a big hole in the lining and then doing a very lame job of trying to repair it on the front. (I ended up making buttonholes instead, and even screwed those up, and the repair consisted of two new buttonholes and using a navy blue sharpie to disguise the mistake of the first two buttonholes. ugh). 2. the fit–it’s sorta huge. I made the size small, but I think I could have gone with the XS.  If I don’t cinch the waist, I look a bit like a navy blue druid. 3. not knowing how to finish off the cording so it doesn’t fray.  I know I could singe the ends, but that just seems wrong.  And many of toggles still leave the ends free.  (this is why I haven’t trimmed the cording yet; I’ve got to figure out how to finish it before I cut anything loose).

My blog-cation may extend a bit, as we’ve got a house full of 17 years to pack up over the next few weeks. This is not a chore I’m looking forward to, and one that most definitely my Last Minute Lucy tendencies need to be absent for.

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