60 boxes appeared on my porch

and I’ve decided it’s a good time to add a blog post.

We’re in the throes of Real Estate Land. Inspections. Mortgage commitments. Favors (for access to the house) granted to our buyers. Lots of document reading. Lots of dreaming. Lots of purging.

Some of the good things: finding kids’ art projects that I forgot existed.  The benefit to having lived in the same small school district for so long–art projects remain fairly consistent. I’m going to have some amazing sets of triptychs if I can remember to get them all framed.  Another plus–re-reading Thing 1’s and 2’s 2nd grade journals.  An excerpt from Thing 1: Here are five things I know about roks. First, all roks are not the same. Second, roks…  There must have been a fire drill or something that day. Meanwhile, two years later, Thing 2 could wax poetic for pages about her Ugly Dolls. #samefamilydifferentkids

And this is just the basement.  I’ve got three more floors of 17 years to get through. The first and second floors are not a worry. The third floor, however, is where all my fabric and yarn live. In my head, I think it would be easier to move all the fabric and yarn if they were actually garments. So instead of packing, I made this:

This is the City Stroll Wrap Skirt from Liesl & Co. LOVE it! It may be a skosh short, but somehow the lines work.  If it were longer, I fear it would verge on frumpy.  I will definitely do this again, most likely in a wool or flannel (and lined) for winter with tights.

I use my morning runs to plan out the day’s to-do list. Ah, the best laid plans…if only Garmin had an app for packing, or I could get some ‘kudos’ from Strava, maybe it would be going better.  Honestly, though, without a fall goal race, my runs since Salt Lake have all been in the “easy” category. Today I decided to mix it up with 1’x1′ fartleks (1′ at 8:30 pace, 1′ off). It was tough. The crushing humidity had broken, but I found it hard to just get going (although eventually I did).  I’m going to have to pick a race soon if I want to get any oomph back into pace.

Since my birthday in early July I’ve been using my Apple Watch for my runs (while running Strava simultaneously through either the app on the watch or my phone).  Here’s what I like about it:

  1. the fit. i barely notice it. all my other devices always move around on my wrist. Or are too tight and eventually hurt.
  2. the workout app is easy to operate. just press a button and go
  3. it measures my heart rate. I’ve always been curious about that.

Here’s what’s missing:

  1. the watch is off on distance. it measures everything short. and not just a “oh, I must have cut a corner” short. Really short, like 3/10 to 5/10 of a mile. That’s a big discrepancy.
  2. the workout app does not compile data in one place to navel gaze at view.

Neither the watch nor Strava let me set up workouts, like fartleks or tempo runs, that will give me a little buzz when it’s time to pick up my pace or slow it down.  So today I went out with both my garmin and apple watch on my left wrist, feeling a bit like Inspector Gadget. And wouldn’t you know it, today the apple watch was over on distance. ugh. (and yes, I know silly stuff like this shouldn’t bother me, because it’s not like I’m going to the olympics or anything, but…the point is…accuracy. amiright?)

Aside from the workout app, I’m enjoying the apple watch. I feel like it’s got a better handle than the Vivofit did on my activity, and I like that even if I leave my phone in my bag, I can see (and respond to) phone calls and texts. That’s been the biggest help so far.

If only it could pack boxes.


  1. Many thoughts on this one.
    – I’m a knitter, I sew and I run too. You are awesome. (I am also awesome)
    – The apple watch being off on distance is a huge big annoying deal. I had no idea. I don’t have one yet, and that data point makes me wonder if I want one.
    – I l-o-v-e LOVE that you made a skirt when you were supposed to be packing.
    – I also love that you wore your apple watch and your garmin on your run. Ha! I would have let you borrow my jawbone so you could have compared step count too. Tee hee.
    I love this post. It is filled with random stuff and I relate to all of it. Yay!

    • “There is a door under the overpass.” I LOVE this start to your story (and the rest of the story, too–a great read). But that first line reminds me so much of our trip to copenhagen last summer. http://onthelambdesigns.com/2014/08/09/magic-2/

      I think there are many many many closet runner/knitter/sewist types out there. Time to suss everyone out.

      So glad you found me. And I’m so glad to find you.

      • You made my whole week with this comment. Having someone quote my own words back to me is a first. I’m so glad you liked the story. It haunted me for awhile and I’m so glad I got it out.

        The door on your Copenhagen post is exactly the way I picture The Fisheman’s door. My inspiration was a door I saw in Washington DC, right by National Airport. I love your picture and that post. I want to go to dinner under an overpass!

        I’m so excited to read more of your stuff. I love new connections!

  2. That skirt is awesome, a way more productive use of your time than packing. And you are right about the distance. If I am going to wear a tracker, then I want it to be accurate in exchange for me toting it around. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    • You’re so right about the accuracy. Maybe not so much about the use of time, though…The Mister keeps looking at me as I sit there knitting, wondering when we’re going to get all packed up.

  3. I love that skirt! Of course it is better to pack actual garments than stash, you keep sewing and knitting up there – just don’t get caught. 🙂

  4. My dear old Garmin 305 was acting up and I was looking briefly at the vivoactive. It seemed that there was just too much going on there. Thankfully, the 305 is up and running again. Love the skirt – and yes with tights it will be fantastic.

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