and those 60 boxes?

well, there are more inside of the house than outside. But there’s still plenty of packing to be done. Which is exactly why I’m strategizing about how to tackle the remainder posting at this very minute.

Strategizing includes

  • signing up for this race
  • contemplating the first season of True Detective (yes, I’m late to the game), and wondering what I could possibly do to encourage Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to work together forever and ever til death do them part.
  • hosting an ice cream social for my running club.

The moving van comes Wednesday. The young couple buying our house takes possession on Monday, and, if our lawyer ever gets back from vacation the planets align, we will take possession of our new one that same day. Not knowing how everything will pan out, we’ve arranged to stay in our current home until the movers come.  I’m hoping all the transaction stuff happens on Monday so that I can get into the new place and give it a good clean before all our stuff arrives. Chances are, though, that it won’t. Which only adds to the stress. Which has not been good to my waistline over the past month. Which has led to more running, but frankly, not that much enjoyment. I’m contemplating a short week long break, enough to make me miss it, before I ramp up for the 10 miler. Plus I gotta figure out some new routes near the new place.

That’s all for now.  The siren call of the boxes beckons.


    • My club does “hosted runs.” They’re on Wed night in the summer and either Sat or Sun am in the winter. Winter runs always include b’fast, but summer runs are in the evening, so the host chooses. My friend and I decided on ice cream. The host lays out a few routes of 3-6 miles and when everyone returns, there’s a party. In this case, I was set up with 8 gallons of ice cream and toppings galore!

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