What I did on my summer vacation…

or, the saga of unending boxes and how to avoid opening them all

When I last posted, we were packing for our impending move. You can take my silence as confirmation that said move happened (aug. 12) and that we’re slowly, but surely, climbing out from the pile of boxes.


This is the pile after only one day. I’m too embarrassed to post a photo of what the garage looks like now. Suffice it to say you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Amidst all this chaos, Things 2 and 3 accompanied me to Chicago for a cousin’s wedding. Although they were not part of the party, it was a good opportunity to see my brother and my parents, thus I subjected them to the 26 hour (roundtrip) car trip.   My girls are patient passengers.

  • We listened to Serial for the 3rd time (it just never gets old).
  • We had fun with Waze (an app that gives the shotgun passenger all the responsibility that map-reading used to have back in the day).
  • We stopped in Cleveland because we were tired and visited the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, where I promptly found one of my favorite singers.


  • We got stopped by a cop in Indiana for going 78 in a 70. And we were let go with a warning, most likely because when he asked “when was the last time you got a ticket” I knew the EXACT date (july 27, 2011) because the Mister and I had just had an argument about it, and I explained my entire side of the argument to the cop. I think he just wanted to escape at that point.
  • We learned that Thing 3 really can’t ride a bike, but we learned this only AFTER renting bikes to ride along the Lakeside Trail in Chicago. IMG_4589
  • We found and ate some Jeni’s, conveniently close to our hostel (yes, hostel, not hotel) IMG_4594
  • The girls rode the giant Ferris Wheel. I, Chicken Little, stayed on the ground.IMG_4593
  • We grew insanely jealous that Chicagoans get such a fabulous beach in their fair city. IMG_4598
  • And the highlight? The 3 hour detour to visit Falling Water. A little background. Things 2 and 3 sometimes regret coming along on my road trips, because if there’s some sort of historical village with people in period costumes, I will find it and we. will. visit! While Thing 2 is familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright, she hadn’t heard of Falling Water, so both girls assumed this was some mid-century modern Williamsburg. So they were a little less than enthused about the detour.  Until we actually got there and took the tour. And they were captivated. As was I. It was remarkable.

Summer vacation included some running, although not with much enthusiasm.  I’m not sure if it was the unending humidity, the stress and tiredness from the move, aging, or a combination of all of these, but my mojo I think is hanging out in one of the still unopened boxes in my house. That being said, while in Chicago, I ran on their new 606 Trail, which was quite pleasant.

Once home, I’ve been trying to suss out new routes in my new hood. This has only been slightly successful, but I have met some new neighbors:IMG_4627

I am just not sure how I’d react to answering my doorbell and finding a turkey on my front porch. Especially before coffee.

This past week I’ve been home playing catch up, unpacking boxes (sensing a theme here?), and trying to put our touches on our new home.  The funny thing about the new place is that while we’ve “lost” two rooms in the move, we’ve actually gained in square footage–the rooms are just larger, and there was one wall in particular that was bothering me. We didn’t have the right size/scale artwork, and I was flummoxed until I started looking at Pinterest.


I’ve actually successfully replicated a pinterest project! I used an all-over wall stencil to create a birch forest wall! It took 2 days, one to paint the wall white (it’s a reverse stencil, so the trees are the wall color and you stencil in the background color of your choice) and then the next day, it took me about 3 hours to do the stencil.

I think maybe if those turkeys turn up here, they’ll feel right at home!

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