Slow and steady

supposedly wins the race. But not really. Unless finishing is winning, which it’s not, it’s just finishing. (although finishing is an accomplishment, but it’s not winning).

Last Friday my coworker and I headed off to Block Island for their 40th annual Run Around the Block 15k. Spoiler alert–there aren’t a lot of 15ks around, so this was an automatic PR.  I didn’t really have goals going into the race; I didn’t train for it specifically, and when I saw the elevation profile (the gray shadowy bit, the blue line is my pace) I did start to worry.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.36.09 PM

Compounding the hills was the heat. Not so much humidity, but there was not very much shade on the island, and the race started at 1:30pm (to give everyone the option of taking the morning ferry over). The race was a loop and a half of some of the hilliest terrain I’ve been on in awhile. It was a small race (fewer than 350 runners), and the roads were not closed which was not a problem at all (not many cars on the island either). I did beat a bicyclist up one of the hills, so I’ll put that feather in my cap thankyouverymuch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.43.05 PM

You can see I was doing ok until about mile 5–that was the steepest of the hills. I was slightly off my game at that point because the Mister thought it would be a good time to call (and call and call and call) to see if I knew the phone number for one of Thing 3’s friend’s parents. I did. And I had to text it to him. My garmin stops when I stop, so that time isn’t recorded on my mileage, but it took about 4 minutes, as my garmin time for the race was 1:32:46, and my official time was 1:36:24.

That being said, while I would have loved a 1:30 finish, I’m not upset with this, especially given that I did walk a considerable amount (see that dip at the 7 mile mark?). But I did finish in the lower middle–20th out of 39 in my age group, and  67th of 130 in my gender and 154th of 243 overall.  For some reason, this race is full of speedy older folks–there were no runners in tutus or any other costumes, and no one running with dogs, and only a few stroller pushers. Instead? 243 gray haired superfly runners.  It was only slightly intimidating. My coworker ran his first race in 29 years (although he’s a regular runner, he travels too much to fit in any races), and he did really well.


While I did finish this race, Element (my knitting project) has moved into UFO (unfinished object) territory.

Here is Element:

element_2_small2 2

Oh, this so speaks to me. Slouchy. Super long arms. Loose turtle/cowl neck. Gray. So I bought the EXACT yarn, did a gauge swatch (otherwise known as the two arms) and started on the body a few weeks ago.  My goal–finish it in time for my week-long business trip to Maine.

See that little bitty lace border? Well, to make the running analogy, that was my Heartbreak Hill. It’s not as simple as it looks because it incorporates short rows. I’ve been knitting a long time and can handle short rows, but I dropped a stitch and messed it up and thought I’d keep going and try to repair it later. And 6″ later, when I tried to repair it, it looked like crap, so I ripped out two weeks of knitting and started again. And it screwed it up again.

Instead of putting Element in Time Out, I frogged the entire thing and cast on for this instead:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 6.02.04 PM

This speaks to me as well–a little more structured, still has a high enough neck. Oh, and gray. I’m using the same yarn, because I love knitting with it (if you’re curious, it’s Loft from Brooklyn Tweed).

Of course this will not going smoothly, because my lovable yarn is not the right gauge, and I’ve already got two arms of the other sweater done, so I want to figure out how to get them to play nicely with this sweater, which will be nearly impossible because Element’s arms are knit bottom up and the cardi’s arms are knit top down.

This will be the one time that finishing will definitely be a win!

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  1. I feel for you on the sweater…I am making the famous Central Park Hoodie and after picking up a million stitches for the button band, knitting it and binding off, I realized I picked it up too far and had to just cut the band off (instead of picking out the bind off) and start over. It is languishing in its basket now until I can muster up the willpower to finish it.

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