Slow Fashion October

Fall is my favorite season, but it tends to have a ‘spiraling out of control’ effect on me. The nature of my job (Christmas at Sea) ensures there’s plenty on my work plate. A Christmas baby (Thing 1) ensures ample holiday coupled with birthday craze. And the enormous societal pressure To. Make. It. All. Perfect. ensures a yearly implosion of this enormous pressure cooker.

So it was with relief that I found Karen’s Slow Fashioned October. I love this idea, and then when I saw this 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge (is that an oxymoron? Should ‘mindfulness’ be in the same sentence as ‘challenge’? I digress), I thought SFO might better suit my ‘less meditative yet striving for awareness’ goals. So I’m in.

Week 1’s theme is “You” but I’m a little bit boring, so instead I’m going to use this week to be mindful of my time, the number of projects I’d like to accomplish and realistically set some goals. I’ve got some projects in the works, some already cast on, and a few that are percolating in my head. This week I will map out a reasonable timeframe for getting this all done. Better yet, and in the interest of mindfulness, I will not swear while I’m doing this.

In other slow news, I continue to run. Last week I was in Maine for a week-long special event for work, and I got in three hilly 4 mile runs, and a 3 hour (rt) hike up and down Puzzle Mountain. The weather in Maine was just perfect–days in the mid 60s and sunny, and nights in the high 40s.

21629382328_3604d79f2a_z(this is me, schlepping event gear down the mountain)

The runs were lovely. Especially compared to the 95% humidity reluctant to unleash its sticky grasp on New Jersey until the last possible moment.  Thankfully we’ve got a hurricane coming in from the south while a cold front moves in from the north, meaning tons of rain and finally lower temps.

On my docket this fall are four races: a new 5k this coming weekend (in the local ZOO!), a 10 miler at the end of October, a 10K (or half, I haven’t decided which yet) in early November and my regular Thanksgiving 8k at the end of that month. I haven’t been following any real training plan, so my overall goal is to just run for fun and give a solid performance.

Or maybe Slow Fashion October could be renamed Slow Finish October (and November)?



  1. So with you on the whole pressure cooker thing, think that’s why I don’t like Christmas! Well done on those away runs and good luck with all the events coming up.

  2. You were here in Maine? I hope you had a grea ttime – our weather is completely different now – we got a whole summer’s worth of rain inone day, and now it is fall, chilly and clear. 🙂 I looked at Slow Fashion and thought “I don’t; have time for that!” but I bet that is just why I need it. 🙂 Don’t let Christmas ruin fall for you – take it slow and easy. 🙂

    • Oh, I was–up in Newry at Sunday River. I’ve been watching your weather (my brother and his family live in Portland); we totally dodged a bullet there!

      • Yes, you did! I hope you dodge Joaquin as well. 🙂

        It is pretty up in western Maine – I love to head up there for day trips. I live way downeast on the coast – so Newry is 4-5 hours away. Maybe someday you will come this way and we can meet face to face. 🙂

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