Apparently hell froze over

Because look at this:


Yep, that’s my name right there in the middle (23rd) and, get this…2nd in my age group that had actually more than 2 people!!!!

The race was an inaugural 5k, and the course was really nice–about 1.25 miles out on a rolling hill road, then back about .75 miles and then a loop around a lake that is part of a newly developed park adjacent to the zoo. I went with my super fly friend Kim (she got 1st in our age group) and was able to keep up with her for at least the first mile and a half.

This race has the potential to be really great–it’s local, there’s easy parking (very important in NJ), the course is fast, and the event festivities take place in the zoo, which has gone from being rather lame (about 15 years ago) to really cool now. With your race bib, your family got free entry into the zoo for the day. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate: high 40s and drizzle!  Kim and I didn’t stick around too long after collecting our bling–it was chilly!


My age group winning time was just under 27 minutes (26:55, I think). A full minute better than last month’s 5k, but still a minute and change off my PR. That’s ok, I’ll take it!


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